On Route 25 in the town of Moultonborough lies a parcel of land that is inhabited by an abundance of birds, animals and fish. The landscape here is diverse, with forest, marsh, and open water providing quality habitats for many types of wildlife.

This rich and important piece of nature is the Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area. It comprises 37 acres of undeveloped land along the Red Hill River and Lee’s Pond here in our town. This parcel of land also fronts on Route 25 east of Sheridan Road.

The 37 acres of Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area was part of the thriving village of Moultonborough Falls in the 1800’s. Located on the Red Hill River near the intersection of what is now Sheridan Road and Route 25, it extends back to the marshlands of Lee’s Pond. Historical photographs from the time show houses of the area that are still occupied, although most have undergone extensive renovations. There is still evidence of numerous foundations and the cemetery from the era is still maintained.

The Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area is an extension of the Red Hill River Conservation Area, under the stewardship of Lakes Region Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy. Keeping this land undeveloped maintains the continuity of the Red Hill River Conservation Area from Sandwich all the way to Lake Winnipesaukee. The riparian buffer and the densely vegetated forest facilitate the mitigation of storm water, supporting infiltration and helping to sustain water quality.

The Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area includes forest, wetlands, marshes and open water. This property is a high co-occurrence area for natural resource features, including wildlife habitat, an aquifer and marshland. A wildlife corridor crosses the property as animals move down to the Red Hill River and Lee’s Pond from the uplands of Red Hill.

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